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  January 1, 2012 

Sad News....

It has been announced that Roberto has canceled his visit to Japan due to the Great East Japan Earthquake & Disaster and the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. His message has been also released. It's really too sad.



Dear Japanese friends,


I'm so sad to tell you that I will not come to Japan to perform Swan Lake.


As I really love your country, deep in my heart I wish I will have a new chance to dance for you.


I am sending you all support and love that I can.





  June 2, 2011 

Message from Roberto to Japanese fans

Roberto expressed sympathy for recent misfortunes caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in his message addressed to Japanese fans, which has been put on his official site, "News" written both in Japanse and Italian.


  March 30, 2011